Sonntag, 17. April 2016


We need to talk. 

Those are the words most of us fear to death, right? But honestly, we need to talk. There's been a minor major change in my life that I feel you guys need to know about. I left the continent. Like to another one, I'm not on the run or anything like that. Australia was generous enough to welcome me for a few months. And to return that favour I thought I might as well support their economy. If you want to find out how I did that just continue to read this post about all kinds of things I bought in Sydney (and I promise none of them were actually necessary). 

kikki.k Notebooks & Pens
I just can't say no to stationary; it's my weakness. I wanted to buy things from kikki.k for so long but the shipping cost always turned me off. Now I have a store within a five minutes walk and it's actually really hard to not spend my whole money there. So far I got those cute, little, lined notebooks which I use for Uni and this blog. The pens were actually necessary to colour-code my notes. I guess they don't really count as expenses then, right? Like food? (Back me up on this one, guys)

Kmart Lamp & Globe
Living in a student dorm can be tough. Especially, when you're only spending a few months here and you know that you can't bring anything back home. Nevertheless, I decided to buy a lamp for my room. It's autumn in Australia and there's not too much daylight which made the decision a little easier for me. A lamp can really influence the overall vibe of a room and even though I can't take it to Germany with me I think it was worth it.

Moroccan Oil
I know I'm rather late with this one but I could never bring myself to buy the miraculous Moroccan Oil. When I came to Australia a few weeks ago my hair decided to go crazy. The products I use back home just didn't work anymore and I needed something to soothe them. The oil does a pretty good job although I think there are similar products that cost less. Nevertheless, the smell is amazing and I don't regret the purchase at all. I just don't know whether I'd rebuy it in Germany. I usually put it into my towel dried hair before I blow-dry it. I was afraid that it might leave my hair greasy, but it's working great. 

Fijian Water Lotus
Since my perfume decided to evaporate during my 22 hours flight to Australia, I had to find some substitute. I went for this fragrance mist rather than an actual perfume because I thought I could also use it as a room spray. I can proudly announce that my bed and I now smell exactly alike. The fragrance has a very light scent, not flowery but in a sense clean. It is unobtrusive and therefore fits any occasion. 

Sukin Facial Moisturiser 
Sukin is an Australian brand for natural skincare. This Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser is 100% vegan, 100% carbon neutral, smells amazing and the best part is that no animal had to suffer since they're against animal testing. I just had to buy it. I'll probably also give their shampoo and conditioner a try as soon as I empty the ones I use at the moment. You should definitely check them out! 

Revlon Liquid Eyeliner
I finally found it, the perfect eyeliner! You wonder how? I got inspired by my Canadian flatmate here in 'stralia. Since day one her eyeliner game was on point. I asked her which one she uses, hoping that it might do the trick; and it does. I always use a base underneath eye makeup, though, so don't forget that! Otherwise, it just ends up all over my face. 

Revlon 674 Lipstick
Since I was already in the corner buying my future eyeliner-husband, I thought I might as well have a look at their lipstick collection. This one is a stunning, bright coral tone which I've been searching for for ages. It's special enough to upvalue your outfit and yet subtle enough to give your makeup that natural vibe you're going for here in Australia. 

Do you have any favourite products (maybe even Australian ones) that I need to try? Tell me all about it in the comments! 

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  1. oh! I love everything from your haul, and it all is necessary!
    xo, claudia

    1. Thank you Claudia, I really love all of the stuff, too! (:

  2. Yes to stationery.


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