Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016


- The Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf - 
I never would've thought it possible but my love for coffee got even stronger in this beautiful city.
Sydney is THE city for you coffee addicts out there. 
So many stunning cafés to explore, it's hard to decide where to start. 
Well, luckily, I spent 4 months over here finding the best Coffices Sydney has to offer. 
I don't exactly enjoy working in my dorm room and the library has a vibe that kills every last bit of my creativity; so I went on a hunt for cafés that would let me focus on my work.
It turned out to be far from easy since some of them have great coffee but really loud music playing or were just too busy. There are cafés that you just don't feel comfortable going to on your own. 
Therefore, I made you a list of my 3 favourite Coffices around the city for those of you who need to get some work done and refresh their caffeine intake. 
Every one of them has really good coffee and they're happy to have you sitting around for hours, working happily. 


Basically, my living room away from home is the nectar cafe in Ultimo. They have everything you need: great coffee for a good prize, free wifi, lovely staff and the nicest atmosphere. I love their playlist and how they will happily let you work for hours, smiling at you from time to time.
I wrote most of my assignments for Uni over here and it became the place my friends refer to as 'Liska's cafe' cause that's where they'll find me in my free time.
You definitely gotta check this place out!
(It's a 10 minutes walk from central station and there's the lovely Victoria park and Sydney Uni on the other side of the street in which I used to go for runs but you might as well relax in the sun with a coffee to go)

63-65 Mountain Street, 


Located very close to the University of Sydney, this café has everything you'll need: Wooden tables, pastel interior, old bikes hanging on the walls, and free wifi. 
Many locals come here to work and study, the atmosphere is relaxed and rather quiet which makes it the perfect Coffice. 

Don't forget to check out the Gleebooks store a few steps further and enjoy Glebe Markets on a Saturday. 

16 Glebe Point Road, 


With the probably best view on the Harbour Bridge, this cafe is a treasure. According to one of the barkeepers, they're still not very popular which I can absolutely not understand. I found this place by accident during the writer's festival in Syd and I fell in love instantly.
Located close to the Opera House, the theatre bar at the end of the wharf is the perfect place to get some offline work done since they have no wifi. Go there to catch up on your favourite book or edit videos. You won't be tempted to check facebook and interrupt your workflow over here.
The later it gets the more it turns into an actual bar so make sure to go there during the day if you wanna take it some sunshine in a quiet surrounding! 

Pier 4 Hickson Road, 

Let's share our love for great coffee! What's a must have at your perfect coffice? 


  1. This is super interesting, and I do adore the photography. I'd love to get to Sydney someday & I'm sure I will with the amount I travel. Lovely! xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. Thank you so much! You're too kind (: Sydney turned out to be my favourite city of all times, you should def go if you get the chance. xx


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